Hello & welcome to Wizworks.  This site is operated by John A. Rogers in the spirit of collaboration with the DIY/Technology community and not with primary intent of being commercial.  I am born, raised, live, and work in Eastern Massachusetts USA.  I consider myself fortunate to have a passion for technology studies with disciplines in wireless, linux, telecom (networking/IP networks), astronomy, physics, & electronics for the purpose of discovering/creating solutions in solving real world problems.  These passions are shared between my personal and professional pursuits, colleagues, and my employer’s customers.  Aside from my pursuits in the areas I’ve so far outlined, I also enjoy the great outdoors as well as any opportunity to “return to basics” and reconnect with nature, as well as sharing all this with my family:


Wizworks is a tech blog covering my self study/projects into the following areas:

  • Ham Radio
  • Systems Automation Monitoring & Control
  • Spectrum Intelligence (Rogue signal detection & countermeasures)
  • Computers
  • Networking/Communications
  • Multimedia
  • Home brew (DIY) projects and other things I’m building!  :)

NOTE: This site is currently in a period of change and reorganization.  Expect things to change often and for content to be reorganized.


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