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I’m on the east coast and can’t stay up late to listen live. So, I have setup a script on my Linux server that tunes in his show (I also set it up as a cron job so it is automatic) and the script saves the stream to a file on my NAS each night. From there, I can easily (and quickly) download it to my phone and listen ANYWHERE & ANYTIME without having to pay for access to the time travel archive. It’s like having a dedicated DVR for Art’s show!  It’s pure brilliance! Nice to have you back Art, and so far, the show is OUTSTANDING!

Here, I would like to help others who may be further east than I am and can’t be awake when his show airs.  If you are *somewhat* savvy with Linux, you can use this script to tune in and save his show (WITH BUMPER MUSIC INTACT) on your own system and listen as your schedule and life allow:stream-record

After setting up this script, you must call it in crontab to ensure it runs on Art’s posted schedule (note: please be sure to adjust the time/day values depending on what timezone your system adheres to).  here’s my crontab entry:

00 0    * * 2-6 root    /root/

This assumes you placed the script in /root/   but it can be any location you like.  Also, be sure you created any temporary and final directories as shown in the script or it will not work!