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D-Spot use overseas in hotel

One of several of my international trips (Adelaide, Australia) where I setup D-Spot tethered by USB to my iPad mini (t-mobile with unlimited international roaming @ edge speeds).  Since D-Star requires very little bandwidth, edge speeds were perfect and D-Spot performed awesomely.  Here you can see D-Spot and the iPad mini sitting in the window.  The following LEDs are lit:

  • Network ‘OK’ status (amber)
  • MMDVMHost ‘OK’ (blue)
  • DV Gateway ‘OK’ (red)

(click for larger view)


You can see a video demo and buy D-Spot direct on this website!  D-Spot is $435.00

BUT WAIT!  What about the range performance?  Here’s how this D-Spot did from the window of the hotel when I was out on the town on foot, almost a MILE away from the hotel on the far left! (click for larger view)d-spot-track