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Simple Download Manager for Linux/Mac

If you’re like me and you travel often, you know all too well how badly hotel wifi sucks.  Often, any attempt to download a large file is often met with frustration when the signal drops and you have to restart your download all over again.  Fortunately, there is a simple and blissful answer to this.  Enter, the persistent wget download script:


As you can see here, only a minimum of code is needed to ensure you get that large file, no matter how many times your hotel connection craps out.  Simply create a password file (if downloading from a SSL site) and supply any needed user/password credentials.  This allows you to simply paste in a link and then walk away while the script does its magic.


You need to install wget into your linux or mac machine.  Once you have that package installed, then this script will work just fine.

In this example, I’m downloading a large movie file from my NAS at home while I’m overseas.  You can see how this works here: