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The Busy Bee Chip

Does your employer or organization have a pushed policy that prevents you from changing your computer’s sleep/idle screen lock?  I have developed a solution, read on:

A typical computing experience without Busy Bee Chip

You’re busy throughout the day and you may have answered a 12 minute phone call from a colleague, after which you return to your computer to continue your work and find you have to log in again.  A pain in the arse for sure and if it happens several times a day, you are likely unhappy about it.  Going idle often also gives “Idle Snitches” in the office ammunition against you and you might find yourself the subject of deeper management scrutiny as a result.  Systems administrators, in an effort to improve security within the enterprise typically roll out policies that force this to occur on PCs.  The school of thought is that people forget to lock their computers when they step away and administrators use this as a solution to prevent that by removing the human element.

Installing software on a work computer is often a no-no or enough to get you fired or at least, in trouble with your IT manager.  But what if there was a hardware solution that was discreet and appeared in the Device Manager as an ordinary mouse?  I have seen and read articles on some clever mechanical tricks people use to thwart idle timeouts and some are quite clever, but again rely on some elaborate mechanical means of tricking the mouse in a way to make it think it was being moved.  Not very elegant, and aside from being noticeable, it also is not the best way.

How your day is with a Busy Bee Chip

  • No longer need to frequently log back in after going idle when you take a phone call or perform a non-computer task – saves time & hassle
  • You always appear active in monitored presence to Management, colleagues, and office snitches!
  • Easy to use; no drivers required – nothing to install, just plug Busy Bee Chip into an available USB socket – it goes to work immediately  (NOTE: Windows users – if asked to install a driver, just hit CANCEL)
  • Works on remote desktop sessions for road warriors & telecommuters (keep your mouse pointer in the center of your remote screen)
  • Not detectable by IT or Management – shows up as a standard “HID Device” (aka mouse) in Device Manager
  • Works on Windows, Mac, & Linux
  • Take short breaks without going “idle” in Skype for Business or other tools which have presence monitoring

Get your Busy Bee Chip today for just $25 dollars!   Shipping is free via first class post to anywhere in the USA!