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Just wanted to publish a picture of my LED pimped rack for the heck of it. For years my stuff wasn’t setup in the neatest way, and after acquiring this rack just after our move to NC, I really was determined to “clean up my act” and do this stuff proper, just as I would in the datacenters I work in. It was time to bring my professional game home. The rack has really become a small “datacenter in a box”. In the rack, are my:

  • Cisco 3750G 48 port PoE (802.3af) core switch – multiple vlan gateways
  • GPS governed time server – the cisco switch “peers” with this, and all equipment queries the switch for time
  • 2 24 port keystone patch bays terminate in-cabinet and external cat6 runs
  • pfsense Firewall – HUGE NAT state table capacity! (inbound static routes to core switch)
  • Home Lab – various virtual machines and containers for testing out solutions before production deployment
  • Home Automation – data acquisition, command & control
  • Home Security – various sensors, remote notifications
  • Network Security – DNS Jail/Blocklist, Network Tap (for wiresharking/logging of traffic)
  • Unifi (wifi) Controller Dashboard – controls multiple wireless APs throughout the property
  • Minecraft Server – spun up for my neighbors and friends
  • Web Server
  • Storage Array – terabytes of fault tolerant file storage (8 drives: 6 live and 2 hot spares)
  • UHF GMRS Radio Repeater – used for neighborhood watch in our community
  • Scanning Radios – used to stream local police and fire dispatch to the internet for remote listening
  • Tripplite Double Conversion UPS – keeps all systems floating during transfer to generator power when power goes out
The Rack – Pimped In Purple
The Bridgeberry Minecraft Server – Showing “City In The Clouds” at sunset
The UHF GMRS Neighborhood Watch Repeater System