2 comments on “How to tell when your school is watching you at home

  1. Very interesting. Great writeup.

    Have you considered pi-hole.net so that you can block all of their domains…
    You could use it to track all the activity to that machine, then continue to block any ancillary sites.

    Additionally, you could build/sell/recommend Rpi 0 with pi-hole… AND THEN create an available script for parents to DL to ensure their safety, security.

    On the Linux side, what happens if you delete the GG exec file, THEN create your own same named file, with restrictive root permissions? Does GG have the IFTT logic to recreate another file with another name?

  2. We do use pihole to block all their domains, but many households do not have that kind of expertise, and this article is really about trying to set a precedent and put a line in the sand in an attempt to define acceptable boundaries.

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