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  1. I am the Amateur Radio Emergency Coordinator for my County and am in the process of building a “Hot Spot” for our EMA building.
    I have obtained one of the Mohncomm boards.
    I notice that must have had some negative experience with that board.
    Would you care to share your experience so that I might know what to look for?
    You may PM me at my e-mail address

  2. Terry, Thank you for your inquiry and interest in D-Star. Yes I did have (and use) a Moencomm GMSK board, but found it to be quirky and unreliable. Certainly not suitable for an installation that is intended to be left unattended & in a remote area. The problems I had were 1) the unit spontaneously locking up 2) buggy firmware 3) prone to RF interference. When I switched to the DVRPTR V1 modem, I enjoyed rock solid stability & since I travel quite a bit, it is refreshing to come home and find the hotspot still in service and on the air. Hope this helps.

  3. Will DVRPTR MODEM board work with the sofware (ircddb gateway) and (Dstar Repeater) windows version ………

  4. I have access to a Maxon SD125U. But no programming cable. Did you have one or home brew one?



  5. Can’t seem to find the SD-125 at the price point you mentioned…
    or at least none on eBay that i can find, and elsewhere it’s 200+.


  6. Keep looking on ebay. Now and then, they are listed used for about $50 as surplus. You have to keep trying. They come on there now and then.

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