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  1. This is Anthony from Shenzhen Friendcom, which specialized in this field of wireless digital communication products for 15 years.
    I want to recommend FC302 radio for you.It is fully compatible with your project, including technical parameter requirements, structure and size. You can buy and use our products directly, without any secondary development.
    More importantly, FC-302 is very cost-effective, which will make you save a lot of cost.
    May I have your email? Let’s talk more details.

  2. Anthony, I would be interested in reviewing a FC302. If you would like to send a sample, I’ll evaluate it for it’s fitness for a project like this. There are a lot of Hams that are looking for such a solution & would be happy to read about it. You can email me at k1wiz [at] wizworks [dot] net. Cheers!

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