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  1. hello frank kd0hgi here in north platte Nebraska I finally got my call registered on D Star now I need to locate a used HT or some other type of device to connect to a vhf or uhf radio to allow me access to the D star network. your ammo can hotspot looks pretty neat also what are those other radios on your site used for the fsk radios. I have been a ham since 2009 my second time being a ham got out of the hobby for about 10 years and sold everything I had owned so since 2009 when I moved here to Nebraska been on analog 2m/70cm with an ht. live in rental property were I cant have outside antennas only been on a computer since 2013. yep old guy almost 60 years old and trying to catch up with the 21st century. so been thinking about buying two more handheld radios and getting on D Star And on DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) and since no D Star Or DMR repeaters near were I live and since I am portable and mobile 80 per cent of the time will need HOTSPOTS One For D star And One For DMR. Hope To Get On The Brandmeister DMR network. I am on linked and twitter and facebook and qrz. so if you are still building the hotspots would you please let me know and send me a price quote. 73 frank kd0hgi in Nebraska.

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