d-spot firmware

D-Spot System Firmware

RELEASED: D-spot System 1.5.0

DOWNLOAD: D-SPOT-SYSTEM-1.5.0 (Approx. size is 1.5GB)

After downloading, decompress: tar -xvf filename.tgz

To install:

dd if=filename.img of=/dev/sdb   (where filename is the image you extracted and sdb is the target SD card)

Release Info:

  • scripting refinements
  • security fixes

NOTE: You must own D-Spot hardware for this firmware to work properly.  This firmware only works on licensed D-Spot units for the life of the original hardware.  Replacement licensing is available should a D-Spot owner provide proof of original equipment purchase.   When relicensing replacement hardware, electronic serial numbers (ESN) of original hardware are replaced by the new ESN.  For hardware relicensing please contact k1wiz at wizworks.net subject line “LICENSING”