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  1. WOW I may be in the market for the DSpot, but want to know how one sets up Fusion, or DMR, I have not yet bought a Dstar radio. any chance of looking over the manual?


  2. Richard,

    For Fusion or DMR you will need radios for those modes. D-Spot does not do cross-mode. ie. if you want to talk on d-star, use a d-star radio with D-Spot in d-star mode, etc. NOTE that dspot does not connect to WIRES-X rooms (they are proprietary), but DOES connect to the open source YSF rooms (they work just like wires-x). DMR is via the Brandmeister DMR network.

    Using each mode is as simple as running a “setup” script via SSH and selecting the mode you wish to use. D-Spot will then operate in that mode. D-Spot uses the common MMDVMHost software with ircddbgateway & YSFGateway. In future firmware revisions, mode change will be possible via the WebUI and by hardware control on the device.

    For more information, please join the D-Spot user’s group at http://facebook.com/groups/dspotusers All documentation is located in the FILES section there.


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