3 comments on “Sonoff WiFi Switch: How to flash a non-cloud firmware

  1. Hey, I have ordered some sonoff plugs, do you think they will work with this firmware? It looks like exactly the thing I want so it would be awesome if it did. If the circuit in the sonoff basic and the plugs are different do you have any suggestions?

  2. Hi there
    Read your article “How to flash a non-cloud firmware” with great interest.
    I am 55 year old, engineer but my electronic know-how is limited. Has recently bought Arduino and will play with it this summer.
    I have also decided to buy the Fibaro 2 and learn the Z-wave.
    I am looking for someone who can help me to either hack/program or make me decide which way to go.
    The basis is that I want a module that consists of a soil moisture sensor together (optional) with a relay like
    or just a basic without relay.
    The sensor should be able to connect to an app so I can see the moisture or it should be automatic and water the plants when threshold is below a certain value.
    I already have the system with waterpump, timer, solar panel etc. but not the moisture gadget.
    One approach is to use Arduino and connect it via Wifi and ???
    Another is hacking some hardware to make it talk to the moist sensor and Fibaro.
    Or maybe you have some idea???
    I am situated in Sweden but have a house in Spain with plants eager to a solution.

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